Q : How do I login?
A: Assigned certificates: If you have been given a gift certificate with your name on it, access the website provided on the back of your certificate. Log in using your last name and UPS GEMS employee ID.
A: Unassigned certificates: If the certificate does not have a name on it but has been given to you specifically, you will log in with the certificate # and login code, exactly as they are listed on the certificate. If you are unable to log in after several attempts, please contact customer service at 1-800-964-6303 or

Q: When will I receive my American Express Gift Card?
A: American Express cards are mailed within 2-3 business days following redemption order receipt and will arrive within standard US Mail transit time. (approximately 7-10 business days)

Q: When will I receive my MasterCard e-Code?
A: Obtaining the MasterCard e-code is a two-step process. First you redeem your certificate through the UPS Gift Card Recognition website. Within 30 minutes of completing this first step, you will receive an email from with further instructions on how to obtain the actual MasterCard shopping e-code.

Q: Does my certificate expire?
A: Yes. Certificates expire 90 days after the issue date. Please see the instructions on your certificate for the expiration date details. If you have an expired certificate, the certificate holder will need to contact the UPSer who originally issued the certificate in order to re-issue a new active certificate.

Q: Does the American Express Gift Card Expire?
A: No. The card itself does not actually expire, but 6 months after redemption, a $2.00 per month fee will apply to any remaining balance. Please refer to the terms and conditions included with the card for further information.

Q: Does the MasterCard e-code Expire?
A: E-codes expire 6 months after the recipient has completed the online redemption process. The expiration date is the “Valid Thru” date provided when you registered your code. If the award recipient loses or does not use the e-code prior to the Valid Thru date, the recipient may contact customer support (888-371-2109) to have the e-code cancelled and reissued. NOTE: Service fees apply ($15 minimum fee, plus $3.95 for each month past the Valid Thru date). Replacement e-codes, like new e-codes, expire 6 months after the reissue date. Please refer to the terms and conditions provided when you registered your code for further information.

Q: Where can I use my American Express Gift Card?
A: The American Express Gift Card can be used anywhere American Express is accepted in the US.

Q: Where can I use my MasterCard e-code?
A: The MasterCard e-code can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted online in the US.

Q: How do I obtain the status of my gift card order?
A: If you have waited the appropriate time as noted above to receive the gift card or e-code, please contact the Award Center for status: or via telephone at 800-964-6308.